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"Words," Lama Anagarika Govinda tells us, "are the seals of the mind, results--or, more correctly, stations--of an infinite series of experiences, which reach from an unimaginably distant past into the present, and which feel their way into an equally unimaginable distant future." Beyond being means for meaning, words "are 'the audible that clings to the inaudible,' the forms and potentialities of thought, which grow from that which is beyond thought." (Foundations of Tibetan Mysticism 17). Words, in all of their wyrdness, tap into a play of forces "neither exhausted by their present meaning, nor...confined to their usefulness as transmitters of thoughts and ideas."

Getting wikified means experimenting with words as characters exceeding our (limited) imagination of them as "transmitters" of pre-existant thoughts and ideas. Subject to sudden linkage elsewhere, words become the collective interfaces by which thoughts come into being. Like the ideas they connect and proliferate, wikis are hosted by humans but hardly mastered by them. Many who work intensely in the wiki realm report that wikis, as blank portals to the infinite, summon an uncanny liveliness and intelligence seemingly distinct from any of the participants.


The affective penumbra produced by wyrds opens up more than....well, more than wyrds can say, semantically speaking. This "irrational quality which stirs our deepest feelings, elevates our innermost being, and makes it vibrate with others" solicits rhythm.

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