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Praxis: Bold as Love

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 4 months ago

From Communication to Commons-Formation

open-sourcing rhetorical processes of digital scholarship

participatory methodology, course-linking


1.narrate wiki entry,

2.linking practices become emboldened: from fall to spring, linking 473 and 3310. feedback.

Like Napster, Limewire, delicious, youtube, emboldened wiki-linking emphasizes the fact that when we compose digitally, we compose on a Commons surface. In p2p clients you can see what is being downloaded from your computer, as it happens, and this shows you that your are in a commons. Wheras Limewire etc. emphasizes the art of selection, wiki-linking facilitates rehearsal in mixing and "banding" together. Different strands of argument can "go parallel" and then become folded back together again, recursively, and this brings writers together and provides space to unpack presuppositions. Linking creates the topology necessary for writers to teach each other and build on, in text, what peer-to-peer software makes plain: not only does writing happen online, it happens in common online. In this way, wiki is a resonance technology like Napster or Limewire, but without the file swapping, and with increased emphasis on the prosaic and discursive elements of scholarly inquiry.

3.conclude by reflecting on the indirect effects on inquiry/scholarly work: describe group/scholarly projects, provide links.





introduce wiki-as....not a "tool," but resonance technology, or maybe a way to grow an ecology

http://resonancetechnologies.pbwiki.com/IrreDucible wiki drum roll that doesn't stop...subtract 'til point #1 of this rule of three is left?


3 questions:



For the August 2007 issue, the PraxisWiki editorial staff invites

users to contribute short narratives that discuss authoring tools used

for digital scholarly projects. We are particularly interested in

narratives, research, and personal perspectives about how various

types of multimedia-authoring software work to affect the processes of

producing scholarly work. Questions authors might consider include:


  • What are the affordances of these tools?

wikis are link-making machines; paging's what they do

this fundamentally alters student teacher relations, from communciation to commons formation. clustering.

Under the participatory "rhythmic entrainment" model pedagogy, the jazz ensemble becomes paradigm and template for compositional practice. This means that "communication" practices must make room for and go into balance with "commons formation" practices. A small band of writers can create multivalent and multiply-voiced texts by simply dwelling in the dissonance and stagnation that arrives on and interrupts a composing practice that cannot find a "focus or decide upon a narratable sequence .

As metamoderators, the members of this wiki who clustered in this way, will, in what follows, narrate the effects noticed in the course of our deliberately scripted, scrupulously performed consistent focus on linking.


as a multivalent writing act (rules of 3: mixing logical types)

as a means of focusing on sentence-level rehearsals. When grammatical voice is apprehended as a rhetorical choice, participatory logics take hold

as a means of experimenting heuristically with rhetorical choices



altered by the use of digital tools?


http://resonancetechnologies.pbwiki.com/IrreDucible this is like a long wiki drum roll, that needs subtraction, I say we focus on #1, perhaps?

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