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Aperiodic Wiki Tilings

Keep it Wiki


"I am come not to destroy, but to fulfill."


From consciousness without an object came the object, the first object, space a space to vorticize, a space to whirl, a space to turn upon itself, a space to turn upon itself and then in addition turn upon itself in the other direction, opposite, expanding.




The "wild", interconnected space of wiki does not introduce a strange capacity for interconnection that was previously foreign to it, but instead amplifies an oft forgotten capacity of language to form a commons. Daily wiki practice, with its emphasis on the imagination and actualization of linkages, is a teaching in composition's kinship with such spells of the commons, rhetorical softwares for student ecosystems!


A first principle of such ecosystems is that they must organize the attention of students, and they do so by continually becoming something else. Students in introductory and advanced rhetoric courses become digital rhetors for an information saturated planet. They learn to track of all this troping, turning, churning wyrding of the commons through writing and linking. They think about and about and enact names, concepts, associations, categories, folders, paragraphs, and sets. While multimedia composition is where our pedagogy must move and is moving, writing, as a way of continually compressing information by interacting with it, turns out to be an obligatory passage point, for all other media students need to compose with. Instant Messaging sessions become scripts for multimedia composition; written argument becomes the most effective way to transmit the goal of a video while it remains in production; a blog teaches a student how to listen to a remix.


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