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With wikis, our students become instrument builders....

WikiCrystal: tab these

To say "rhythm" is to direct attention to the ways order emerges from chaos; to wyrd rhythm is to have us notice \"how.\" Noticing how: attention to rhythm. Rhythm can be summoned by spells, sparked by scripts, and made manifest by the multitude of rhythmic formulae that have evolved with the Logos. Hence poetry, birdsong, music, rhetoric--and all other practices of rhythmically sequencing, weaving, and concatenating threads of difference--all of these practices hinge on a capacity for opening up to and transducing (or, becoming a transducer for) the irrational quality of information that Govinda describes as the magic power of words and sound. Hence, "the success of great speakers is not only due to what they say, but how they say it" (17). Rhetoricians throughout the ages have realized this, but have also realized that prescribed methods fail to deliver where good timing and placement do.



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