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Hiding all details, engaging in contrails, placing tails, and generally trying not to run on rails: so why is wiki so infidelically always fiddling with fidelity, in the sense of humming tunes heard from a distance (ear to tracks), tracing skips, sky-flying, and generally--or bag the General, go for the grunt--standing outside the tent in Stanford, yet being in under a bigger tent (Milk in that Way)? I think there's a question there. Though not sure its intent. Or, OM, uhm, its out of tent.





Trey Conner ,



date Nov 28, 2006 9:55 AM

subject Re: wiki gods of USF

mailed-by gmail.com



I have been wanting to be in touch and dealing with a new born, a thousand projects, and some non lethal but time consuming health issues. I am now taking the opportunity to render the interconnectivity toward infinity, wikidelic style. See the below and also the linkage to wiki Trey and I put together for Matt's volume.




Here at PSU I have gone completely underground, setting up my wikified guerilla camp at the center for sustainability and retreating from the admin scene while increasing connectivity with Trey down at USF St Pete ( we are also in a band together: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=7341697). Our PSU wikis are active as ever - so many psu wikis were online the first week of class at pbwiki that we took them down! I am finding that minimizing the top down aspect of wiki only amplifies the bottom up AND there is a need to do teach ins every now and again. Am doing one here with pbwiki as soon as I can work it up - with a six month old, a six year old and a recent health crisis it's a joyful juggle


how can we link as many psu wikis to yours as possible? Right now we are lobbying pbwiki to make a recent changes page that includes all psu pbwikis. If you jumped in it would help our case immeasurably. Perhaps a collective skype call with you and matt and trye and moi is in order? ALso perhaps Gina Maranto at Miami.


I can't wait to hear how things are with you and moving collectively toward wikidelia.


yours in wikidelia




P.S. I hope to see you at computers and writin in Detroit!

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From: Matt Barton < mattbarton.exe@gmail.com >

Date: Nov 27, 2006 8:31 PM

Subject: wiki gods of USF

To: Joe moxley

Cc: Trey Conner

I can't believe you guys haven't connected yet. You've got to get wikidelic! ;-)

Joe, I was telling Trey about your avatar status in the world of all things wiki. Trey's apparently running a one-man show there in St Pete trying to get his wikis up and running.




"Words are seals of the mind, results--or, more correctly, stations--of an infinite series of experiences, which reach from an unimaginably distant past into the present, and which feel their way into an unimaginable distant future"

-Anagarika Govinda


Trey Conner

Assistant Professor

Languages, Literature, and Writing

College of Arts and Sciences, DAV 121

University of South Florida, St. Petersburg

140 Seventh Avenue South

St. Petersburg, FL 33701

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"What is

is always a totality of ensembles,

all present together, in an orderly series of stages of

enfoldment and unfoldment, which intermingle and

inter-penetrate each other in principle throughout the whole

of space. " David Bohm

Om gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha!


The Heart Sutra



Richard Doyle

US Delegate, IEC TC 25/WG 5 - Expert, Wetwares and Human/Machine Interaction


Science, Medicine, Technology & Culture

Department of English

Penn State University


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