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Imagine a woven cloth

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Who is "you"?



To contemplate a question such as "who am I" is to tacitly admit the existence of category distinctions.  There is an "I" which is distinct from "all else," says such a question.  A "me" versus a "you".  Of course, for any given "me", anyone else is a "you"; but each "you" conceives of herself as a "me". (So, at the end of the day, who is the me and who is the you can get rather confusing.)


As a child, one spends a very very long time wondering about the difference between "objective" and "subjective."  Jacques Lacan extensively explored the ways in which the conception of "other" and "otherness" arose in the nursing child's recognition of the breast as a "mirror"--the hunger of the child mirrored by the provisions of (or really, out of, or from) the breast.  Ultimately distinction becomes difference: my hunger is answered by mother's breast, but, in fact, mother's breast is not me because not in my total or (sorry) udder control. 


But, of course, we never arrive at such questions in quite the way Lacan supposes, just as we never arrive at modern humanness by way of a reconstruction of what "we" were before we were human.  These narratives which suggest a coherent, chronological development of psychology or consciousness are ultimately de-historical.  For history is grounded in the particular experience of particular organisms, and these experiences never proceed systematically, rather by chaos and complexity in every single conscious being.  Which is to say that patterns emerge but never absolutely.


A-historical tropes


Typologies of selves.  The universe of [I].  



As soon as there is a "me" there is also the possibility of a Bizarro World "me", one who while grounded in hereness is also capable of "being" beyond here: we can imagine, on a scalar measure, the fantasies of beyondness as ranging from "this is not my family" (I am adopted or reborn) to "this is not my body" (I am transgendered or transcendent) to "this is not my consciousness" (there is no "I", merely temporary assumptions of self).


Is "you" a seraphim, a ministering angel in the court of the Diety? Bodily spirituality




Or perhaps you cannot possibly admit the connection of your self to your other.  We could coin a term.  "You" is a


Your phone won't let you call strangers--it is non-noospheric.




u r a negative image in a death dealing universe


What is exteriority/interiority?

Language--which is to say definition--is Bachelard's "origin of alienation"--it is that whose very purpose is to cleave inside form outside, the tool by which humans and other animals possessed of the capacity for language constitute consciousness as separate from being/feeling.  To divide "what is out there" from "what is in here" is to separate one's "own" awareness from "everything else," to decide not to partake of the implicated (weave your fingers together) universe.  Mobius sez: circle back around on yourself and you will find yourself circled back around on everyone else, and giggyg sez: every word and every sentence can bring you to some semblance of unity or some dissemblance of disunity.


om sez:



om is not a word but Wyrd


ACTs vs. selves: active mindfulness.  Vipassanna.  Investment in the act.  That which is worth doing.  Doing as being (self subtracted). 



evo of online social networks

in-degree and out-degree of separation



Jaron Lanier Digital Maoism


mobius writes: Or is that Mau Mauism? Yes, Hive mind can be boring, uniform, fascist, but hive mind is precisely the mass production of individuated egos who by definition separate themselves from each other. Collective Consciousness and the Noosphere is the very condition of possibility of wikipedia even as it is excluded from it. For a better example of online collectivism, why not shift the focus to Linux or Apache, a world class operating systems and server? According to his entry in Leary's festshrift, Jaron has not, er, journeyed, so methink perhaps Mssr. Lanier ought not criticize what he hasn't apparently experienced :)


"And in the background of these immense dimensions of the inner adventure, of absolute duration and the immeasurable spatial realm, a wonderful, blessed humor now lingers all the more agreeably with the contingencies of the spatio-temporal world."--Walter Benjamin, Protocol IV.

monsters to destroy

diogenes vs. alexander

expectation vs. hope vs. ? Want it? Over what period of time?

clikc through to the link
click through on the link
intense occult training through d&d
define dementiapower and agency
culture. stability. conflict. change
spontaneous emergence
collapsing subject/object distinctions


pensiero debole: six months of notes, scanned,

superimposed, and doubled:


gender. anonymity. civility. online user identities
insecurity and intellect
an olio of impertinence
humans and walls--no major hindrance

TREY sez-->liminality and student writing and affect that opens in gutter.
architect's training doesn't prepare same as traditional rhetorical training. doesn't seem like it's going to work but opens new avenues for growth and can bring to bear. clincher idea of taking it to the street. freely mixing virtual and urban response. fissure we get into

who said?-->can a game teach math? more important, at the end of the game, will a kid look at the world like a mathematician? other than games? dichotomy play and learning/ learning through play. Active worlds, embodied avatar form-->real world problem solving? problem spaces rather and problems?


is disinhibiton related to gaming?

"Social actions are themselves always embedded in systems of public signification, always grasped, even by their makers, in acts of interpretation, while the words that constitute the works of literature that we discuss here are by their very nature the manifest assurance of a similar embededness"

Dialectic: What does Facebook enable? What is the corresponding reaction? How to people conceive themselves re: facebook? Are there narrative constraints/possibilities? Why do they friend and poke? Symbolic gestures/relation to power hierarchy.

"Self-fashioning is in effect the Renaissance version of these control mechanisms, the cultural system of meanings that creates specific individuals by governing the passage from abstract potential to concrete historical embodiment."

governance of behavior

One can't use language to describe ecstatic states because the very essence of language is that it embodies the existence of distinctions--and ecstasis recognizes no distinctions. Language proliferates by drawing increasingly finer distinctions--parsing the continuous and multiplicitous into material and states. Language--which is to say definition--is Bachelard's "origin of alienation"--it is that whose very purpose is to cleave inside form outside, the tool by which humans and other animals possessed of the capacity for language constitute consciousness as separate from being/feeling and, thereby, in the typology of any number of philosophies from Taoism to Judaism, rip out of the enfolding coherence of the cosmic unity.

Rhetoric=drawing and/or blurring distinctions in order to persuade.
--making or
--breaking connections

linked to emotion or
value--> arc of cognitive development=movement from empathy to informed judgment

In mapping life onto distributed networks, are they not, in fact, engaging in a kind of vectored paradox, in an act of reification? In that informatics as a trope is a reduced form of larger 1-to-1 tripes like "awareness", "enlightenment", the implicate cosmos, the "holographic" universe.

Or maybe "reduced" is the wrong word. Rather more like the relationship between an angiogram and an fMRI or a street map and a mass transit map. So whatever that would be--an only partial simulacrum. Vaucasson's duck: the eating, shitting, laying piniped.

And so, under the guise of spreading life, in fact, spreading a-life?
The missing rhetoric of thermodynamics of molecules and quantum uncertainty


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