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μέτρον , to/,

A. that by which anything is measured:
b. Math., measure, divisor, Eratosth. ap. Nicom.Ar.1.13, etc.
2. measure of content, whether solid or liquid, “δῶκεν μέθυ, χίλια μ.” Il.7.471; “εἴκοσι δ᾽ ἔστω μ. . . ἀλφίτουOd.2.355; “ὕδατος ἀνὰ εἴκοσι μ. χεῦε9.209, cf. Il.23.268, 741, Hes.Op.350, 600, etc.; at Samos, of the μέδιμνος, SIG976.55 (ii B.C.); in Egypt, of the “ἀρτάβη, μ. δοχικόνPTeb.11.6 (ii B.C.); also of smaller units, as μ. ἑξαχοίνικον ib.105.40 (ii B.C.); μέτροις καὶ σταθμοῖς by measure and weight, Decr. ap. And.1.83; in the widest sense, either weight or measure, “Φείδωνος τοῦ τὰ μ. ποιήσαντος ΠελοποννησίοισιHdt.6.127; μ. οἰνηρά, σιτηρά, Arist.EN1135a2; “Κιλικίῳ μ. μετρεῖνOGI579.2 (Cilicia).
3. any space measured or measurable, length, size, in pl., dimensions, μέτρα κελεύθου the length of the way, Od.4.389; “μέτρα θαλάσσηςHes.Op.648, Orac. ap. Hdt.1.47; μορφῆς μέτρα bodily dimensions, E.Alc.1063; τὰ μ. τοῦ λίθου its distances from a given point in given directions, its position, Hdt.2.121.ά, cf. Pl.Lg. 843e, Plu.Sol.23; “ἄστρων μέτραS.Fr.432.8; “ἀπέχει . . θαλάσσης μέτρον ἑξήκοντα σταδίουςTh.8.95; τῷ Ἴστρῳ ἐκ τῶν ἴσων μ. ὁρμᾶται [ὁ Νεῖλος] starts from the same distances as (i.e. the position corresponding to the source of) the Ister, Hdt.2.33; “εἰδέναι τὴν ἑαυτοῦ χώραν μέτρῳ καὶ τόπῳX.Cyr.8.5.3; “ἐντὸς τῶν μ. τετμημένον μέταλλονHyp.Eux.35; later of Time, duration, “μέτρα βίοιο ἄρκιαAPl.4.333 (Antiphil.); ἐτέων μέτρα, ὡράων μέτρον, AP7.334,9.481; μέτρα ἐνιαυτῶν, νυκτός, Arat.464.731; “χρονικὰ μ.” Simp. in de An.299.37.
b. limit, goal, ὅρμου μ. the goal which is the mooring-place, Od.13.101; ἥβης μ. ἱκέσθαι the term which is puberty, Il.11.225, Hes. Op.132; but, ἥβης μ. ἔχειν full measure of youthful vigour, ib. 438, Thgn.1119; “σοφίης, γνωμοσύνης μ.” Sol.13.52, 16.2.
2. pl., verses, Pl.Ly.205a. (I.-E. *métro-m from *métro-m 'measuring instrument', cf. Goth. mitan 'measure'.)
source: LSJ

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