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μέλος , εος, to/,

A. limb, in early writers always in pl., Il.7.131, Pi.N. 1.47, etc. (κατὰ μέλος is corrupt for κατὰ μέρος in h.Merc.419); μελέων ἔντοσθε within my bodily frame, A.Pers.991 (lyr.), cf. Eu.265 (lyr.); κατὰ μέλη (-εα) limb by limb, like μελεϊστί, Pi.O.1.49, Hdt.1.119; “τὰ τοῦ σώματος μέλη καὶ μέρηPl.Lg.795e; μέλη ποιεῖν dismember, LXX 2 Ma.1.16: later in sg., AP9.141, Gal.UP12.3,al.; “ κατὰ μέλος τομήStr.2.1.30.
3. features, form, “οὐκέτ᾽ ἐγὼ . . γονέων μ. ὄψομαιBMus.Inscr.1077 (Sudan).
B. esp. musical member, phrase: hence, song, strain, first in h.Hom.19.16 (pl.), of the nightingale (the Hom. word being μολπή), cf. Thgn.761, etc.; “μέλη βοῶν ἄναυλαS.Fr.699; esp. of lyric poetry, “τὸ Ἀρχιλόχου μ.” Pi.O.9.1; ἐν μέλεϊ ποιέειν to write in lyric strain, Hdt.5.95, cf. 2.135; “ἐν μέλει τινι ἄλλῳ μέτρῳPl.R.607d, cf. D.H. Comp.11; “Ἀδμήτου μ.” Cratin.236; μέλη, τά, lyric poetry, choral songs, opp. Epic or Dramatic verse, Pl.R.379a, 607a, al.; [μ.] ἐκ τριῶν συγκείμενον, λόγου τε καὶ ἁρμονίας καὶ ῥυθμοῦ ib.398d.
b. lyric portion of the Comic παράβασις, Heph.Poëm.8.2.
source: SLJ

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