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Page history last edited by blueshenlung 9 years, 11 months ago

Perhaps ZombieNightmares is a more appropriate page title, but not always.  Zombies have the ability to reach into the depths of the human psyche to produce dreams that reveal our deepest fears, often vivid dreams of chase sequences or the inability to protect ourselves.  What is it about these scenarios that leave us shaken upon waking?


Though most of my zombie dreams end in violent showdowns, the most recent sending me jumping off a cliff to avoid the ravenous tearing apart of my flesh, sometimes over the night they progress, or digress, to rather comedic situations.  The most memorable follows and I invite all to share...



I had a zombie dream once where the zombies were repelled by rhyming.  Interestingly enough, it was extremely difficult to rhyme on the spot and much more successful to have a few lyrics on hand for those surprise moments of confrontation.  When the zombies heard a rhyme they would turn in the opposite direction, repulsed by the sound, only to turn back in pursuit once there were no more rhymes or lyrics.  This seemed to be a more universal weapon against zombies, but difficult to maintain without repetition.

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