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So wyrd would be the word i would report in response to the new transparency augured by wikileaks and the associated "Cablegate." Anybody who is surprised to find that in an evolutionary ecology, tactics of data capture ( DNA swabbin', credit card number snatchin') and dissimulation are the stock in trade may be diagnosed on the continuum of  Reality Impairment Syndrome.  As if we hadn't noticed that we are in the midst of an infoquake, we get a wiki "dump" of classified material right through our wifi.  We are eons from Watergate - despite the scandalnym of "cable gate" - where it was the missing information that got all of the focused attention. No, the infodynamics of scale mean that none of us can possibly focus our attention on 251,287 distinct documents, and so the overall effect is one of mammoth redundancy. Again and again we learn that our common usage of the term "diplomatic" is misguided, as when we indicate a tactic of circumlocution in which we wish to avoid giving offense. No, this is the Eternal Return and inversion of Clauswitz's notion of war as "politics by other means", yielding "politics is war by other means." This means that the worlds of espionage, special ops, and diplomacy are terms as leaky as the infosphere. Wyrd!


Do you hear the sound of one broadcast paradigm cracking? That panic and outrage you hear has little to do with the content of cablegate, which strikes this reporter as about as shocking as the existence of a casino in  a backroom in Casablanca. No, the scary news for the war machine video state is that they can no longer even remotely control the broadcast, and that the long prophecized storming of the reality studio beg written of by Burroughs has long been in effect - get a late pass! Just maybe the politics in the non linear transparency of the wiki world will be unable to sustain the Stories that continually yield TV War and Simpolitics. Instead watch as flashhpoints of attention replace state and non state "actors". Wyrd!

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