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Page history last edited by blueshenlung 9 years, 10 months ago

It is my path, all my own.  My path to realize myself. The Self is me. I know this now, but I do not know myself as I once did.  I must rediscover myself on my path.  I must discover my path.  We know the end is the same.  The path repeats familiar stops, though I don't know why.  Familiar faces, familiar towns, all with a connection I can not grasp.  I must have faith in knowing that this is the path.  Of all the places to start, I began with what I knew, that I once forgot, even with an extreme high knowing.  Love.  The place to start was Love.  It was hard enough to find.

And then I see you there along my path.  Our paths converge and weave helping us bounce off one another.  Will you come with me?  Do I get to have a companion?!  I am alone in seeking myself, but not in the seeking of the Self. Hurray my friend is near! I breathe a sigh of relief.  At once we were parted, divergent on parallel streams.  Perhaps the waters moved against each other in the opposite direction, but here we meet!

Come close my friend and touch my face.  Of all places to meet, we chose Love.  Dive in with me and stretch, stroke by stroke.  We came home to one another and now we must find ourselves again.  The path may be rocky, but not nearly as dark as it is forgetting Love.  I embrace you friend and don't want to let go.  I love you forever, oh love, Love's gentle lover.  When we reach the end, we can hold it there, forever flowing in eternal Truth, we need not fall to forgetfulness.  Only shall we choose to fall again, to find each other once more.  

My path I choose with you.

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